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LinkedIn and Capgemini’s Content Loop site provides regular and concise news articles about the business and technology subjects of social, mobile, analytics and cloud.



Most days I don’t just read the news, I also look for new sources of news 

The media industry is currently in a state of turmoil.  Paxman recently said that newspapers aren’t going out of business because of the way they’re printed, they’re going out of business because we don’t need to know what they tell us anymore.

He’s right and while I still rely on traditional online news sources – what we used to call newspapers – they’re not enough.  Although I was trying to learn about the business and technology worlds I quickly became my own content editor.  I was sifting through the titles of hundreds of RSS articles from a dozen different sources everyday and trying to pick out the ones I thought I should read.

For that and many other reasons, I began looking for people to do that for me – what we would have called newspaper or magazine editors in the past.  Someone with similar interests to me who would select and then publish a small number of high quality articles.

Content Loop

Recently I found Content Loop  – “the only continuous source of technology and business news” is how they describe it.   Its news articles I’d hope are relevant to almost everyone working with technology today, while their subject variety, frequency, opinion and short length make it hard to be overwhelmed with too much detail or hard to finish without thinking you’ve learnt something.

The 12 articles published today had titles including

  • Applications Drive The Biggest Money In Big Data
  • Microsoft Is Reportedly Working On A Completely New Web Browser
  • 10 Ways To Be A Better Employee In 2015

Have a look, it’s free

Although the site has subtle Capgemini and LinkedIn adverts, the content feels un-biased and impartial to me.

For those interested, the site’s URL is

And it’s RSS feed is