Learning by reading things I don’t understand

In the age of Twitter, LinkedIn groups, Google Plus and the rest, I still read blogs as RSS feeds in Outlook.  I only read about 20 so that’s why it might be easier for me to use Outlook than newer methods.


I really was reading the same blogs as I was last year

A lot of my RSS subscriptions are to blogs by some leading technical authors in my technical space.  They’re still very valid and relevant to what I do but I realised a few months ago they bought too much comfort and not enough long term personal development.  In fact, my list of RSS subscriptions hadn’t changed much in a couple of years.

My realisation was that to learn half a dozen new things, I was having to read two dozen articles.  Reading wasn’t an efficient use of my time like it used to be.


The less I understand, the more I learn

In recent months I’ve expanded the list of blogs I read to include those I want to understand but today do not always understand.  In actual fact, what I’ve done is flipped the numbers I mentioned above around: I’m now learning two dozen things from every half a dozen articles I read.  I’m making learning easier, by reading harder materials.


What am I now reading?

What surprised me when I started looking for less technology specific IT architecture blogs was that I didn’t have to look very far.  In fact, all of the personal rather than commercial architecture blogs I now read are all either on Microsoft’s MSDN or TechNet web sites.  It’s reassuring for now that I didn’t have to dive straight into the TOGAF or COBIT communities to start finding new gems.


The blogs I now also read

Below are links to the blogs I’ve started reading recently.  Some don’t have new materials published very often, but when they do….etc. etc..

So here are the links:







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