Re-focussing my blog

My blog is almost three years old now and over that time the number of posts I’ve written has gone from several per week to none per month, the latter being the most common.

The Past

I’ve realised this weekend this was because I’d set myself too narrow a subject area, mostly SQL Server, and got to the stage of never feeling comfortable writing something less than a magazine article.  As a result, I felt a bit guilty reading lots of other blogs but not even writing content that people could choose to ignore, let alone read.

The Future

This weekend, I decided to start sharing much more of my professional interactions with information and start blogging again.  The difference being I’m not going to limit my posts to just things related to SQL Server, or even Microsoft products, or even software.  These days for every technical article I read, I probably read nine non-technical articles.  I still learn lots, that’s why I’m looking forward to sharing more.

Consequently, I’m looking forward to writing again.

October 2013


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