Upgrading your development skills

For those of us in the SQL Server community who are preparing for Denali or even working with it already SQL Server 2008 R2 feels old. Whenever I work with clients still using 2005 or even 2000 I’m reminded that using 2008 and onwards is still just a dream in some environments. Fortunately, for a lot of those clients upgrades eventually do happen, in fact right now I’m running several upgrade projects to get systems on to SQL Server 2008.

Moving to SQL Server 2008 is a good move for them and while there maybe more features to use we also hope that out of the box SQL Server 2008 is more reliable, secure and scalable than previous versions. That brings us to the subject of new features. Unless we use those new features we’ll never benefit from them being there, but we can’t use them if we don’t know how to.

That subject is the purpose behind a training course I deliver which is now being made available to the general public for the first time in November. The 2 day course aims to teach developers familiar with SQL Server 2005 and sometimes just 2000 about what’s new for them in 2008. I enrich what could otherwise be just another “what’s new” book chapter by combining feature overviews with demos, labs and experiences from the field.

In summary, upgrading to a new version of SQL Server is a good move, but can be even better if you upgrade your team’s skillsets at the same time. And yes, Denali is coming soon but for a fair number of businesses running SQL Server, 2008 is still either a goal or a recent investment here for a few more years yet.

For those interested in knowing more about my public training course, please see the link here.


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