Replication Presentation at the Southampton User Group

Last night I delivered a presentation about SQL Server’s replication services to Mark Pryce-Maher’s user group in Southampton.

As those who were there saw this is a massive topic and to deliver anything but a high level overview in 45 minutes does an injustice to the subject.  Therefore, what I gave the Wednesday night audience was a deliberately high level introduction through my slides with an accompanying detailed commentary as well as answering questions as we went along.

The great thing about the breadth of SQL Server’s replication services is their breadth.  The chances are if you need to regularly distribute data between several places then there’s a SQL Server replication feature for you, whether its snapshot, transactional, peer-to-peer or merge replication.  The challenge comes though from knowing what each of those features are designed to do, and which of them could meet your business requirement while sitting within your technical constraints.  On top of that my presentation hopefully gave people the confidence to open books online for the first time and not get put off by the whole new vocabulary replication uses if they hadn’t read about it before.

We also discussed some of the challenges choosing to use replication can bring.  The replication services which affect our database designs the least can have the biggest impact on our database platform’s disk space and performance – transaction logs can grow very quickly if things aren’t sized correctly for example, while other replication services like merge replication can be so prescriptive about how they work to deliver their benefits that we almost have to design our application around them.

The good news is, those who were in Southampton will now be able to at least make their first, second or thousandth step having some new knowledge or new light shed on existing knowledge.

My presentation can be downloaded from here.


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