We can’t sit still, it’s all about change…

This is my last week in my current job, at my current company, and in this sector of the technology industry.

On Monday I’ll become a Senior Consultant at Coeo (www), a European provider of SQL Server consultancy and managed services.

In a field based role I’ll be working with clients to optimise their current and future SQL Server platforms while mentoring their IT teams to become empowered and stronger from their relationship with Coeo.

I’ve known the team at Coeo for a while now, including technical director Christian Bolton (twitter) when we were both working with the same client a few years ago but from opposite ends of the infrastructure stack. Back then in my career as a solution architect my experience as a DBA meant I got the SQL Server related clients, but even so, in the following years my passion to work deeper and deeper with SQL Server grew along with the enjoyment I was getting from working with different clients every week.

In 2007 I began advising internally about SQL Server before advising clients about it. In 2009 I begin attending SQL Server user groups before presenting at and organising them. And finally, in 2010 I experienced what managing a complex SQL Server problem resolution project was like and realised my passion for both SQL Server and client engagements could meet.

So, 2011 will be the year when I get to work with the technologies I’ve never been able to leave alone whilst meeting and assisting a new range of clients. I already know there’ll be a lot of hard work, development and travel needed, but we can’t sit still, it’s all about change…


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