What Matters To Me? at TFT London


I’ve blogged previously about why I love Matt Bagwell’s (twitter | web) digital and creative event The Fantastic Tavern (link) however this week I had the honour to present at it’s latest gathering of digital, creative, brand and social media professionals. 

The theme at the event was What Matters Now?  A look at what in the digital world really matters to us who influence, create and use services of a digital nature in 2011.  I’m not going to say who said what at the evening, Matt’s site will cover that, nor am I going to repeat what I presented about, you can download my slides here, however what I will say was that once again it was the most amazing atmosphere, audience, hospitality and educational experience I’ve had for a while. 



What I will talk about was the experience of listening and sharing at the event.  Listening to my 9 fellow speakers showed me what matters right now to other people.  The topics ranged from tribalism, to donating to charity to employers requiring a jack of all trades.  In my everyday life I wouldn’t normally hear such a broad range of topics when I ask what matters now, instead I left with an amazing depth of passion and experience around why we should be more cautious or supportive of our digital destiny than we realise. On top of that our host for the evening added his educational perspective to all of our thoughts.


The sharing part was my 5 minutes of presenting my brief slidedeck.  In hindsight I look back in celebration of what I did: stand in front of 120 people in a crowded City pub function room, 2 hours into an event which is fuelled by beer, and using a handheld mic for the first time ever to tell them all why my information  ownership and availability matters to me in February 2011.  It wasn’t easy, but that’s why free beer flows at the Tavern.

My Point

My point was that in the age of social media we currently live in, who is really accountable to me for the availability, the privacy and the fairness of my information or information about me out on the public web?  Would Facebook really listen to me if I thought they’d lost some of my photos?  Would flickr really take down a photo of me taken somewhere I’d rather someone hadn’t have seen me?  Would they really?  What compels them to even if they would out of kindness?  If Google opened an online bank tomorrow I bet people would start using it regardless of how well regulated it was or wasn’t.  But who are Google accountable to?  Someone more threatening than me I’d hope.

Many Thanks To…

So in conclusion:

Thank you to our hosts, Matt Bagwell and Michelle Flynn.
Thank you to PoleyDee for the photos of me.
Thank you for EMC Consulting and Marcus Donald People for sponsoring the event.


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