Southampton SQL Server User Group–February 2011

Earlier this week I attended the second sitting of the Southampton SQL Server user group, one of the regional events which compliments the larger SQL Server events we put in our diaries.

The event is very well organised by Mark Pryce-Maher (twitter), Matt Whitfield (twitter) and Adrian Hills (twitter) in an easy to find Southampton church hall room with drinks and pizza supplied in addition to quality time with fellow SQL Server peers.  Thanks must also go to another of the event’s supporters Red Gate. (link)

SSRS with John Martin

The main speaker of the evening was John Martin (twitter) presenting about SQL Server Reporting Services.  John took us on a demo-rich journey through SSRS’s features and abilities based on his own experiences of using the services.  What was equally important for me was not only that John was sharing his knowledge of SSRS with us but that the event was giving John a platform to develop his presenting skills on.

Presenting at regional events

Regional user group events are key for giving people the confidence to make their first steps into community presenting and I know that John will have taken as much away from the evening as we did in the audience, albeit very different things.  I spoke to a few other people there who were keen to try presenting at a user group.  My suggestion is to just do it.  Ask for a 10 minute presenting slot and I bet at the end of minute 10 you’ll be wishing you asked for 20 or 30 minutes instead. 

Mark makes the evening very welcoming and the second half of the evening allowed us all to chat with each other.  I met a lot of names I’d seen on Twitter but never had the pleasure of meeting until now.

The next Southampton event

The next session of the Southampton SQL Server user group is on the 9th of March where I’ll be talking about SQL Server’s replication features.


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