Technology Insights

In my day job I speak to both technical and business people about the subjects which matter to them the most, in depths of detail which please them the most.  This allows me to ensure the technical people work in a way that meets the client’s business goals.


Sadly, I sometimes meet technical people who due to time constraints or lack of opportunity rarely get to do anything but focus on the bits, bytes, parameters and switches which they need to manage in order to make the “machine do its stuff”.  I thought late last year then that by spending 30 minutes with a few slides I could hopefully share some of the business and technical community knowledge I have and give them a broader understanding of why and how people were using the products they spend their time managing.  Alas, my Technology Insight sessions were born.

I’ve done three of these sessions now covering SQL Server, virtualisation and Windows Azure and I aim to have SharePoint and PCI-DSS compliance covered in the next couple of months.  I invited everyone from the technical part of the business to the sessions which I informally hold in a lunchtime.  I’ve uploaded the slide deck I wrote for the SQL Server session to give an idea as to what I discussed (link). 

Why am I sharing this?  Because hopefully there might be people who read this blog who could do a similar thing within their company.  Perhaps you have a Windows sysadmin or junior developer who doesn’t appreciate the breadth of the current SQL Server product, or a firewall engineer who hasn’t had the chance to find out why everyone’s raving about virtualisation.

If there are people who might be able to do that then I encourage you to try it, don’t be put off when only 2 or 3 people turn up for the first few sessions, its a good opportunity for you to build your presenting skills as much as it is a chance to educate others.


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