I’m going to SQLCruise, but what is it and why?

After hearing rumours about how interesting and fun the SQLCruise trips are along with my recent experiences of Brent Ozar’s great knowledge and wacky teaching style I booked myself on one of next year’s trips. (Ok he’s not wacky but he’s not like a teacher I once had who’d make us read our text books in silence and then go to the next lesson!).

SQLCruise is a typical American idea; fun mixed with learning on a boat. A small number of people, around 15, join a cruise ship tour, sail around the American coast, Seattle to Alaska and back for my trip, and while they’re on board they have day long training sessions about SQL Server. Only these aren’t your typical vendor conference style sessions. These are daylong training sessions which cover topics way deeper than you normally get to go into as where we’re going no one has to leave early to get home, the only time barrier is cocktails and dinner.

Some people will go to learn from deep dive sessions on technology they deal with everyday or will do once they know more about it. But why am I going? For me I’m equally as interested in what are people doing with SQL Server, and why and how, as well as I am about what I can make it do, or not do, or stop doing.

The things I’m looking forward to, in no particular order are:

X How are SQL Server deployments adapting to what is still the new world of virtualisation?

X How did SQL Server adapt to the rise and maturity of the SAN storage platform?

X Sightseeing around the northwest cost of America, from a cruise ship

X Extending my SQL Server knowledge in an area I would probably by-passed if someone hadn’t made it interesting

X What collections of experiences have matured into someone’s must-dos and must-not-dos?

X What do experienced users of SQL Server want to know, what question do they ask and why?

X Working out if anything weather related to the word Alaska automatically means cold

X Finding out how people are using SQL Server, what real world stories of pushing it to the limit do they have?

X Being around people who have pure energy for doing anything with SQL Server which rubs off on me and makes me want to do it all too

It’s six months away yet, seems like a lifetime, I still have to work out how to get from London to the ship, I also have some learning goals I want to achieve first. If nothing else signing up has given me some good challenges!



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