What’s coming in Windows Azure and SQL Azure?

A quick brief post summarising Microsoft’s Azure related announcements yesterday.

Yesterday day PDC10 Microsoft announced a list of forthcoming new features in their Windows Azure and SQL Azure platforms. Now, I’m not a developer or someone who’d understand everything Windows Azure does, however I do recognise key capabilities and features when I see any vendor or service provider mention them. My impression from at least the press releases is that Microsoft are serious about making the two Azure platforms the complete, universal and capable web application platform of the future. It will take time to realise exactly what these new features will actually deliver but are Microsoft keen to make Azure their future? I’m now convinced they are.

Summary of announced new features:

Virtual Machine role
Server Application Virtualization
Constructing VM role images in the cloud
Extra Small Windows Azure Instance
Elevated Privileges
Remote Desktop Access

Team Foundation Server on Windows Azure

Windows Azure Virtual Network
Windows Azure Connect

Full IIS
AppFabric Caching
AppFabric Service Bus
Improved Java Enablement
Dynamic Content Caching
CDN SSL Delivery
Improved global connectivity

SQL Azure Reporting
SQL Azure Data Sync
Database Manager for SQL Azure

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