Oracle for SQL Server DBAs – SQLBits 7 Session

In October 2010 I delivered a session at SQLBits 7 in York titled Oracle for SQL Server DBAs.

The purpose of the session was to give people with no Oracle database experience the background knowledge they needed to feel confident enough to install it themselves and then do something with it.

My session echoed my first experience of Oracle, I downloaded it, installed it, didn’t really know how it worked or what to do with it next, so gave up. Fast forward a few years to 2005 and my company decided to implement Oracle’s E-Business Suite and had to learn how to manage Oracle, and to make it worse, on Linux. I went on a crash course on learning to manage Oracle databases but it wasn’t in my own time or in my own test lab.

Reality today shows that situations like mine above are very common. Oracle is still very prevalent in the database world and sooner or a later a SQL Server DBA will have to do something with Oracle. While this training session won’t teach a SQL Server DBA all they need to know about Oracle, it will give them the background knowledge which will hopefully them when they install Oracle.

For me, understanding what the management tools were, how data was physically stored, how the recovery system worked and how to backup and restore databases was key when I first used Oracle. My aim of the session was to explain the principles of these topics using terms which SQL Server DBAs would understand.

Hopefully I did some of that, 45 people turned up out of their own choice, only 1 left mid-session and I had an enthusiastic audience asking deep questions throughout so for those who got something from my session job done!

For those who didn’t attend, my presentation can be found here


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