SQLBits 7 – What it meant for me

For those stuck under a rock or down a Chilean mine the latest community run European SQL Server conference, SQLBits, was held this weekend in York. SQLBits 7 bought together some of the most informed, passionate and respected people and companies from around the world in order to share their insights and grow the community.

Many people in their blogs and tweets are sharing with us the amazing things SQLCat can make SQL Server do, how Dave Ballantyne made T-SQL faster using tally tables, how Buck Woody made us laugh by laughing at himself, and how Brent Ozar politely told a heckler to be quiet. What I thought I’d focus on in my article is what SQLBits did for me as a person rather than what I learnt or saw, instead how it pushed my desire to learn, develop and grow as a person.

I work in technology and every day I communicate with people but rarely do I get to immerse myself somewhere with so many people who all have a similar technical interest. Some people at SQLBits were visionaries, some technical deep divers, others still learning and soaking up as much as they can about everything. Regardless of what people were there for or presenting about what was more exciting for me was the amount of passion and enthusiasm everyone had.

My style of learning could be different to most peoples, I like a role model, someone to follow, someone to chase, someone who makes me say to myself “I want to be just like them”. When I sat listening to Thomas Kejser about how he tunes SQL Server he made me want to rush home that moment and install Windbg with the SQL Server symbols. Christian Bolton did the same when it came to SQLNexus and the SQLDiag tools, would I ever need to use them for real? It didn’t matter, I just wanted to use them myself. Chris Testa-O’Neill did the same talking about Microsoft certification. Suddenly topics which seemed so every day and un-interesting when I read about them back home had a new life, a new personality and a new sense of interest about them.

SQLBits delivered through its session’s presenters a wealth of technical information, but more importantly for me it delivered an infectious enthusiasm to want to do more with SQL Server, to try new tools, to do more exams, to present more, and most importantly to keep meeting new people at these events.

After 3 days in York my thanks go to the SQLBits committee, once again they found sponsors who made the event even possible, then arranged a venue and session speakers to make another great event!


One thought on “SQLBits 7 – What it meant for me

  1. rich

    A great post Gavin, I like your honesty re; your style of learning. I can relate to following ‘role models’ and at sqlbits found myself in the vicinity of all of them! Without mentioning names, I can put faces to many of my my google Reader subscriptions following chatting to them or seeing them present.

    Working in smaller companies, data professionals are a rare breed. It was great to meet others equally passionate about sql technologies, freed from company politics.



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