90% of Microsoft will be on Azure services, still not impressive!

In the last week I’ve been following announcements from Tech Ed in the US.  Most of the people I follow on Twitter have been commenting about their presentations and what the SQL Server world has been saying there but I’ve also been watching the Microsoft tweets about Windows Azure and SQL Azure.

I still believe within 2 years Microsoft’s two cloud services will been hard to compete against or justify against using.  What’s interesting is one tweet where Microsoft say they aim to have 90% of their internal applications hosted on Windows/SQL Azure by the end of the decade.  Initially that made me think wow, they’re moving everything from on-premise to the cloud.  Actually, when I thought about it it doesn’t seem so impressive.  By the end of the decade?  That’s 8 years away!  Most of their internal applications will have been replaced once, twice, three times by then.  Azure services will have grown by then too, the platform will be the compelling place to host any of your applications by then.  It’s likely that the Microsoft Dynamics tools will all support Azure within 12 months let alone 8 years in my view, Access 2010 already supports SQL Azure for its backend storage, so 90% in 8 years?  Very likely in my view.

That makes me think – what will everyone else be doing in 8 years time?  Well, what were people doing 8 years ago?  In 2002 we were just deploying Active Directory where I worked, SQL Server 7 ruled, virtualisation was a small technology only developers used and SANs were just becoming afforadble, compare that with today and we can’t begin to guess what things will look like by 2020.

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