Book Review : Architecting Apps for the Enterprise

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Microsoft .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise by Dino Esposito and Andrea Saltarello

I recently read this book not because I want to develop and code enterprise .net applications but because I wanted to learn about how they were developed and coded.  The book is certainly aimed at people with real world and recent .net experience, which is why I often skipped pages covering actual .net practices but what I learnt from the 75% of the book I did read was about:

  • the different layers of an enterprise application
  • the different tiers used to deploy the application
  • the difference between layers and tiers
  • the future of data domain model and OR/M data access
  • where business logic should live
  • SOA and services

I also realised just as the authors imagined that my background as a DBA meant I would disagree with some of their ideas about where logic should be stored and executed, I can live with that.

To conclude, I recommend this book for two reasons:

  • its a great introduction to non-coders (me) about how modern enterprise applications are created
  • its a great reference book to keep on the shelf, ready for a 30 minute refresher before engaging on .net app projects

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